A buried treasure and a cat fishing tournament where the winners are predestined come together in the Unis Shellington IV's hysterically funny novella ”Channel Cats”. Based in northern Louisiana Terrence Ida (fisherman extraordinaire) invites he new 'best friend' Newby to join him in the upcoming cat fishing tournament on Manassas Brown Bayou. Beatrice (treasure hunter extraordinaire) invites Newby to join her search of F. I. P. (workstation for all, a mid-sized machine shop) for 'Hap's Money', a pile of loot he was accused of stealing over twenty years ago. These two facets of Newby's life (treasure hunting and cat fishing) are both blended together, and on a collision course within Unis's tale, one that will have you laughing out loud as Beatrice and Terrence lead Newby on their own far-fetched adventures.
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