Dadding It!
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Kids don't come with an instruction manual (not that most men would read one if they did). Instead they're shaped by life-forming milestones and learn-as-they-go mistakes, which you, as modern, responsible fathers, must be there to help them deal with, solve, or at least advise upon pretty much from their birth until you've drawn your last breath.This book will give you a head's up on all the defining moments you are guaranteed to experience as a parent. It'll warn you when your life is going to take a change of course and how your child is going to influence the choices you make, and it’ll give you some practical, knowing, sanity-saving methods of dealing with them.Each moment is headlined with a common scenario that dads have encountered down through generations—but that will still come as a shock to you for the first time. And for every milestone moment, landmark action, or parenting task to perform, there's sound advice and strategic solutions to help you cope and even discover the purported joys of parenthood…
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