Fearless: A Dream of Paris 2 - Erotic Short Story
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”I know now and so does he. Sparks are flying around us as if we together form a massive bonfire.”
Gabi knows she loves Alfons. She feels that they are destined for each other. Meant for one another. Her entire being hungers for him, but how will she make him understand? Can they even be friends when everything is so difficult and complex? But during a night in Paris, everything changes and now, Alfons is just as hungry.
Fearless is the second part of a series about Gabriella and Alfons.
Amanda Backman is a Swedish author that has previously published poetry. Born in 1993 and raised in Skåne county, in the south of Sweden. Apart from writing her own manuscripts and poems, she is also working as a freelance editor in the publishing industry.
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