Mediterranean Diet Air Fryer Cookbook: 100 Recipes For Easy And Healthy Mediterranean Diet Meals In Your Air Fryer
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This book contains an incredibly diverse compilation of 100 Mediterranean Diet Air Fryer recipes from breakfast to lunch, poultry, seafood, vegetables, sides, appetizers, snacks and even desserts! The air fryer is a great companion for you if you are on the Mediterranean Diet. It is quick, convenient and does not make a mess in the kitchen! By using minimal fat, it helps you to cook crispy, crunchy and delicious food every time.

Air fried Mediterranean Diet recipes taste better than deep fried or oven cooked food. They are healthier and have fewer calories. Every recipe in this book has simple, step-by-step instructions that can be followed by everyone even beginner cooks. Nutritional information is also provided for monitoring your intake of calories and other macros.
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