Raise Future Leaders - 3 Simple Steps to Transformational Parenting
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How much do you really believe in your child’s potential?

What are you willing to do NOW to help them awaken that potential and become future leaders?
Parents need to BE great leaders to raise great leaders.
As parents, our own discomfort, judgements and fears can get in the way of our children’s growth.

 In three simple steps, ‘Raising Future Leaders’ teaches you how to focus your attention to notice these old programs and reactive patterns BEFORE they negatively impact your relationship with your kids. The potential to build strong, deep, and long lasting connections with your kids AND yourself is at your fingertips. 
This invaluable guide will transform the way you connect to your child, giving them and you the opportunity to uncover powerful inner resources only discovered within trusted relationships.

As a parent you are THE #1 influencer in your child’s life. You are already the leader, but in order for your child to believe in and trust their potential, they need to know it’s possible first. Your child is watching you, and where you direct your attention matters.
In this book I’ve strived to deliver this message in the most basic, simple, and visually clear way I knew how. Over 20 years of experience working with kids and parents as a Cranial Sacral therapist (and parent myself) have fortified the importance of this valuable message. I hope through sharing my stories and pictures that you see the importance of embodying your own potential as a parent AND more importantly as a valuable influencer for everyone that may be watching and looking up to you.
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