Sources of Home
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SOURCES OF HOME - Inspiration for travelers The new audio book is for the traveler and the human when things change in your life. For the traveler's needs, on the way, practical, in a style of direct conversation, to the point, short. How to create home wherever you are? How to navigate stressful life moments? This book helps you discover your compass inside to navigate times of travel and change. Mindset, Perspective, Power Practices. Every time you travel, every time life changes, you're in a space of In-Between. When you come to a new land, relationship, career, love, life phase ... All is new. Nothing is familiar. This book is a practical guide to navigate new land and new situations with self-confidence. You will meet new parts of yourself which you didn't know exist. A new land and a new situation have different vibes, rules, people, do's and don'ts – We invite you to explore and adventure with us, and use this book to discover new ways to navigate travel and change. We invite you to explore the shades of who you are, and who this new situation invites you to be! Dedicated to your passion, S.M. Marya S.M. Marya is an entrepreneur, investor, management coach for global travelers, visionaries, leaders & innovators experiencing times of intense change and transformation; multiple years of experience in international business growth, turnaround & transformation. This book integrates the essence from many coaching conversations and experiences ”What to do, if everything changes?" easy to read – we can learn how to navigate life changes with self-confidence. The aim is to train the inner attitude of "I can shape this" and show that "I am not alone" and "I will find a way for this to work out". The tone and attitude of this guide are empowering to create the life you love. LIVE YOUR PASSION!
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