Tales from Geriassic Park - On the Verge of Extinction
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Verna Gillis, 77, in live performance of her award winning one older woman's TALES FROM GERIASSIC PARK - On the Verge of Extinction. Humor throughout, she talks about childhood, the family, relationships, addiction, peeing, scones, and aging which is her niche. She has won two story slams - the first at age 68 for an evening COMING OF AGE - which she changed to COMING OF AGING. The second at age 76 at the Woodstock Book Fest.. She calls what she does Stand UP /Sit Down Comedy.
Her books I JUST WANT TO BE INVITED - I Promise Not to Come (2012) I'LL NEVER KNOW IF I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE SAME RESULTS IF I'D BEEN NICE - Terror Firma (2015) and THE I OF THE STORM (2020) are available on Amazon.
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