The Enneagram: Learn the 9 Personality Types for Healthy Relationships; a Complete Guide to Self-Realization & Self-Discovery Using the Wisdom of the Enneagram: Best Enneagram Audiobooks & Books; Book 1
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More often than not, questions like, “Who am I?”, “What do I want?”, or “What motivates and pushes me to become my best self?”, can seem simple at first glance, but are one of the hardest to answer.
We all walk around thinking that we know who we are and what legacy we want to leave behind, but when something goes wrong, our internal balance waivers exponentially, we are left to figure out what it is we’re missing, or what we’re doing wrong.
This is the reason why self-help books are highly in demand. Everyone is expected to become their best selves, but are left to figure out what “best” means. It’s ironic how so much of information is made available to us, yet we’re still left with no concrete answers.
This is where Carly Greene’s book, “The Enneagram” comes in. This book is the complete guide to self-realization and self-discovery using the Enneagram’s 9 Personality Types for Healthy Relationships, so you can grow into a better person and improve relationships with the people in your life.
Over the course. you will:
• Have a better grasp of who you are and what role you play. learning which of the 9 personality types you belong to
• Get to know your fears and motivations, so you can expertly navigate the world and have a firmer grip on who you really are
• Cultivate a stronger sense of self-awareness, so you won’t stray from your values, life goals, and true calling
• And more!
The world inundates us with “templates” of what a strong, compassionate, and driven individual should be. However, these templates do not take into account the complexities of the human psyche.
In this guide, you will be able to kick start your journey towards true self-awareness, so you can become your best self and better support the people you care about.
Start getting to know who you truly are today!
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