The Story of Atlantis
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What was the real City of Atlantis? A fantasy? A real place? Both?

The Greek philosopher Plato (c. 429 – 347 BCE) describes the City of Atlantis in his two Socratic dialogues called Timaeus and Critias. The story of Atlantis with its extraordinary wealthy and advanced civilization which was swept into the sea to be lost for ever has been one of the western world's favorite legends, a tantalizing blend of fantasy and mystery. W. Scott-Elliot was a great theosophist and offered us a geographical, historical and ethnological sketch of this fabulously city. He also described in this book The Lost Lemuria.
Although there is no proof yet — proving once and for all that Atlantis is a tale or truth — there does seem to be quite a lot of compelling evidence for the latter. We guess only time, and open-minded archeologists & scientists, will tell…
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