Be Happy NOW: Mindfulness Meditations for Happiness, Stress & Confidence
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Want to know a secret? Is your happiness short lived? Feel unsatisfied, stressed, bored, burnt out, overwhelmed, resentful, jealous or unhappy? This ultimate mindfulness audiobook for unconditional peace and happiness can help by connecting you deeply to… the truth… the beautiful secret within ourselves, and the universe… drum roll…the powerful and peaceful present moment. Sounds simple when we say it like that, right? Guess what? It really and truly is. You have everything you need to be unconditionally happy. Listen with wonderment and you shall find what you seek. FOUR beautifully recorded and life-changing tracks to relax to: 1) Holy Grail to Happiness 2) Mindful Meditation 3) Deep Body Relaxation 4) Deep Mind Relaxation (Mantra) Heaven! This album should only be listened to when it is safe for you to do so. IMPORTANT: Do not listen to hypnosis recordings whilst driving or operating heavy machinery. Disclaimer: These recordings are not designed to be listened to by anyone suffering from epilepsy or severe mental health issues, including psychosis.
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