Box Thirteen - Adventure Wanted!
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“Adventure wanted! Will go anywhere, do anything! Write Box Thirteen, Star-Times.” In 1948, motion-picture actor Alan Ladd teamed up with an old business associate named Bernie Joslin and created Mayfair Productions, a radio syndication company. In Box Thirteen, Ladd played the role of former reporter turned novelist, Dan Holiday. Dan never knows what adventure awaits him when he collects his mail from Box Thirteen at the Star-Times, which is always jammed with many potential adventures for him to choose from. Whatever the case, he always finds fascinating stories when he opens Box Thirteen. Authors Bobby Nash, Jim Beard, Andrew Salmon, and Barry Reese send Dan Holiday on six all new adventures that capture the nostalgic noir feel of the radio series fans have enjoyed for over sixty years. Listen as Dan Holiday’s world comes alive when Nick Santa Maria opens radio’s favorite address in Box Thirteen: Adventure Wanted! Cover by Douglas Klauba.
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