Call Girl for the Night - Erotic Short Story
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”She turns her back to him. Her heart is beating and she is excited about what is going to happen. It feels as if the bubbles from the champagne have continued into her bloodstream and are now whirling around her body. Carl grabs her hips hard and tows her to the lounge chair. He places her with one leg in the chair, and both of her hands on the back of it, so she is slightly bent over.”
Veronica has just been stood up by her date when a tall, handsome man in elegant clothing and a serious face calls her name. He orders her into a cab and Veronica takes the chance and goes with him. She does not know where they are going, who the man is, or who he thinks she is ... Christina Tempest is a Danish writer. She writes thrilling and exciting erotic stories, often with elements of romance.
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