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Woman-woman. Man-man. Bisexuality. Flexible. Queer. Some people have never questioned whether or not they’re gay. Others are in a straight marriage with kids when suddenly their best friend makes their nipples erect, or a touch from their best mate makes their cock hard.
This is an erotic short story collection from Cupido. The collection includes the following short stories:
”Dénise abruptly pulled back the shower curtain. ”What are you saying? Have you never had an orgasm? You should have told me!” – Dénise by Frøydis, Telemark
”Some things are much better to learn from others. Of course, it would be a pleasure to practice what she had learnt.” – The Temple of Learning by Hjalmar Ring
”She thought of herself as a nice, well-adjusted human, but when she fantasised, the carpet beater and cane were often used,” – Dear Cupido... by VL, Larvik
Since 1984, Cupido has been publishing a weekly magazine bursting with sex stories and informative articles on sexuality and pleasure, without judging or shaming its readers. In Cupido’s universe, everyone is welcome and everyone is represented. The short stories in the magazine are written by the readers themselves, and they are guaranteed to make you blush. Sex in an everyday setting becomes anything but ordinary when Cupido’s readers write about it, and the result is sexy stories that breathe joy, playfulness and pleasure.
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