Desire 3: Coming out
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”I lick my hand to show how much I desire her. I am not myself. I feel almost possessed. Strong. Peace’s heavy breathing arouses me even more. I lie on top of her. Hold her arms above her head and kiss her madly all over her face.”
Frida has dreamed of seeing the mountain gorillas in the borderlands between Rwanda and Uganda for as long as she can remember. On the trip she meets the most beautiful woman, and is unable to keep her hands off of her. The only problem is that homosexuality is illegal in Uganda - punishable by life imprisonment or death penalty... do they dare?
Keywords: erotica, sex, lust, desire, passion, Rwanda, Uganda, trip, lesbian, lgbtq Malva B. is a pseudonym for a Swedish writer of erotic short stories. Her stories are highly popular in Sweden and for the first time they are available in English.
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