Desire 8: The Outing
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”She smiles inanely at a passing teenage mother leading a willful two-year-old by the hand and hopes they don’t notice her spreading her legs at the same time.
Chris lifts up her skirt. He moves her panties aside and inserts a finger into her pussy. Then two. Three. The warmth floods forth. Downward. All the way to her toes.
She takes off her shoes and puts her feet up on the dashboard and moves the seat back.”
Allison, who by accident ran into the mystery girl from the swingers-party she attended with Chris, is ultimately tired of the new lesbian life, which contains lots of hot sex but is also smothering... On her birthday she meets up with Chris again and he takes her for a car ride she’ll never forget. Be careful what you wish for.
Keywords: erotica, sex, lust, desire, passion, swingers, lesbian, lgbtq, birthday Malva B. is a pseudonym for a Swedish writer of erotic short stories. Her stories are highly popular in Sweden and for the first time they are available in English.
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