For the Fireworks
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Wanted—one tall, dark and handsome gentleman for the fireworks.

Xander Whyte, owner of a superior dating service that provides assets, not escorts, gets a last-minute and almost unintelligible demand for a gentleman for an entire Bonfire Night holiday weekend. Meeting the very specific request with zero notice seems impossible, but one look at Ella Stephens’ photo has Xander determined to take the assignment himself and help out the gorgeous—and tipsy—redheaded damsel in distress.

Meeting Ella in person, Xander’s fascinated by the bundle of contradictions that make up the beautiful London lawyer, not least the way she tries to resist her attraction to him. But can he get her to see him as anything other than a handsome hunk she’s hired, and before the clock ticks down on the weekend?

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November’—Xander and Ella’s Guy Fawkes’ holiday passion lights up the sky!

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