G-8 and His Battle Aces #10 The Dragon Patrol
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All Paris trembled with terror as those mystery shells blasted the city. Planes searched the clouds for a lurking Zeppelin — but found nothing. Up at the Front, the sky was black — there was no fire to indicate a long-range gun. What was it that was smashing Paris — killing women and children — threatening to destroy the nerve center of the whole Allied forces? The entire Front waited in horror while G-8 set out alone to tackle its fiery coils with fighting death wings! As colorful as G-8 was as a hero, he was by no means alone on his various adventures. The Master Spy’s adventures as written by Robert J. Hogan were replete with solid, even over the top characters. G-8’s Battle Aces were two pilots who helped him escape capture in his first printed adventure. Nippy and Bull would fly alongside the Master Spy for the entire run of the magazine. Known as a master of disguise, G-8 learned that skill from his manservant, the singularly named Battle. Apparently taught by a master actor himself, Battle also proved to be useful to his master and the Battle Aces in a variety of ways, even at times actively taking part in adventures when legs on the ground were needed. G-8 was also not the only spy to work in his stories. His girlfriend, a nurse who had the designation R-1, was also an agent of the government. Much like her flying boyfriend, R-1’s true name was never revealed. Although not frequently in the stories, she made the most of her appearances, actively committing espionage and even using her own disguise skills at times. Nick Santa Maria brings G-8, Nippy and Bull to thrilling life in their desperate struggle to defeat a strange nemesis unlike anything they have ever before encountered in The Dragon Patrol. Originally published in the July, 1934 issue of G-8 and His Battle Aces magazine.
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