G-8 and His Battle Aces #9 The Dynamite Squadron
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Officers at G.H.Q. stared at that map in horror. Too late they realized the 39th division had walked into a Boche trap — a trap that might snap shut any minute, hurl thousands of Yanks to hell! And only one man could defy this devil snare — alone G-8 hurls battle wings straight into the worst terror scheme ever laid for man by man! G-8 and His Battle Aces proved popular almost immediately upon its debut in October 1933. The magazine hit the stands at the height of the Aviation Pulp craze. Millions of readers, especially young fans, dreamed of donning pilot goggles and climbing into flying machines. And Author Robert J. Hogan made sure his readers had plenty to enjoy. For a period during the 110 issue run of the magazine, it was believed Hogan was writing more than two million words a year for Pulp magazines, more than any other Pulp writer ever. Another reason for G-8’s success had to do with the setting of the tales. Readers just didn’t want flying stories, but they were particularly interested in tales from the last Great War. There was something that, for a brief time, captured the imagination of readers about pilots during World War One. But, with this obviously being something that would end as quickly as it started, Popular Publications allowed Hogan to up the ante even more. Instead of just taking on other pilots, G-8 and His Battle Aces flew into battle against the things of nightmares. From mad scientists to monsters, the skies of World War One were filled with horrors that only America’s Master Spy could handle. Nick Santa Maria brings G-8, Nippy and Bull to thrilling life in their desperate struggle to defeat a strange nemesis unlike anything they have ever before encountered in The Dynamite Squadron. Originally published in the June, 1934 issue of G-8 and His Battle Aces magazine.
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