Heal Youself NOW: Mindfulness Meditations for Healing, Confidence, Relaxation and Well-Being
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Stressed? In pain? Burnt out? Overwhelmed, resentful, unhappy, can't sleep? Wow, we've got two amazing new hypnosis and mindfulness tracks which can help you reconnect with your beautiful true self! Mindfulness: Deep Body Relaxation by Samantha Heal Yourself NOW: Best-selling Hypnotherapy Healing by Nicola Want to feel lighter, emotionally and physically rejuvenated and more energetic? Heal Yourself NOW is beautifully recorded and deeply soothing for anyone out there in need of some stress busting, self-healing and relaxation. Heal Yourself NOW works on a deeply energetic and healing level by being deeply connected to the present moment and the true oneness within ourselves and the universe. The audiobook has been designed to help you heal your energy body of negative blockages, clearing and cleansing the physical and emotional self. The lighter energy body and deep connectedness to the moment can then have a positive effect on the body, mind and spirit: reducing anxiety, combatting burnout and stress and improving sleep quality. A note from best-selling authors Samantha and Nicola: 'We wrote these tracks at a deeply spiritual time and place within the Americas during a stay at a shamanic retreat and hope to translate some of this magical energy. Everyone has the capacity to heal themselves and move closer to a truly connected sense of self.' As the healing process can have many layers, we advise you to continue to listen to Heal Yourself NOW as often and as long as you can to accelerate the healing process.
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