The Holy Bible - Habakkuk
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The Book of Habakkuk is a dialogue that Prophet Habakkuk has with God. After witnessing the injustices and corruption in Israel, he cries out to God to do something. God responds by saying that He is aware that the Israelites had gone astray and He is planning to bring Babylon to destroy them. Habakkuk responds by saying that the Babylonians are even worse. They act without any moral compass, paying no attention to what is right or wrong, to achieve their objective of conquering other nations. God responds and asks Habakkuk to write on a tablet that the righteous people will live by their faith and that He will destroy Babylon. He says that no one who does injustice in this world will go without suffering the consequences of their actions. He tells Habakkuk of 5 injustices that corrupt nations propagate that lead to their eventual downfall. He asks God to act now and end the evil around him. God tells him that He will continue His justice whenever a nation goes wayward and disobeys their covenant with Him.
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