The Holy Bible - Haggai
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After the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, and the return of the Jews from Babylon, the temple still lay in ruin. The prophet Haggai tells the people that they were building fancy houses for themselves. Instead, they should prioritize the reconstruction of the temple. Some people start to do so. A month later, Haggai returns to review the rebuilding efforts but is disappointed at the workmanship. He then tells them to purify themselves and forgo corruption and injustice in the land and approach the work with a pure heart. He attempts to inspire people by further emphasizing the importance of purity, which will bring with it God's blessing and success. He stresses the importance of repentance and covenant faithfulness in their lives. Haggai ends by bringing hope that God will establish His kingdom in Jerusalem so that people from all nations will gather there. He will defeat all evil and establish a king from the line of David. The message of this book is to seek repentance, purify one's heart, and obey God's commandments to seek His eternal favor.
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