The Holy Bible - Jonah
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The Book of Jonah is about the Prophet Jonah. It is a story about a rebellious prophet who defies God. God asks Jonah to go east to Nineveh and preach to them. Instead of obeying God, he boards a ship with pagan sailors going west. During his encounter with the pagans, he asks them to throw him overboard, which they reluctantly do. Instead of letting him drown, God sends a whale to swallow Jonah. In the stomach of the whale, he utters a prayer that he will obey God. God has the whale spit him out on dry land. He then goes east to Nineveh to preach to them. He reaches the city and delivers his message to them. All of them, including the King, repent. Jonah is unhappy because he was expecting God to destroy them. He again asks God to kill him and goes away. While out in the heat, God provides a tree to shade him and takes it away by having a worm eat its leaves. In the end, God delivers a message that He wants people to obey Him and is merciful to those who repent.
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