The Holy Bible - Obadiah
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The Book of Obadiah is a very short book. In this book, the prophet Obadiah warns the nation of Edom. The people of Edom were full of pride and indulged in self-exaltation. During the Babylonian attack on Israel, they sided with the oppressors. The book warns Edom on the coming of God's judgment for their pride and violence against Israel. It says that Edom will be brought down and destroyed. It then goes on to warn all nations against being prideful. In the second section of the book, the verses contain warnings for the coming nations who are prideful and pursue violence. Toward the end, God delivers a message to all those who are righteous and do good deeds. God says that He will restore His Kingdom around the New Jerusalem and expand it around all nations, punish the evil people, and bestow peace upon the rest.
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