The Holy Bible - Proverbs
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It is not clear who wrote the Book of Proverbs or when it was written. However, we know that a part of it was written by King Solomon, who was the son of King David of Israel. This book is considered a set of instructions with which to tune the compass of one's moral life. It is written in a poetic form using vivid imagery and begins with an emphasis on the quest to acquire wisdom. The first part of the book is about a father's advice to his son. The central message of this advice pertains to seek virtue, integrity, and generosity, as only then can one achieve success and peace. But for this, one must fear God and seek wisdom. Following this are speeches by a lady who stresses the importance of living wisely and doing good. Thereafter are presented hundreds of proverbs that continue stressing the adherence to acquire wisdom and fearing God. The book concludes with the words of Agur and King Lemuel. While Agur glorifies God's word and warns against hypocrisy, King Lemuel describes a virtuous woman and the qualities she possesses. The central message of the Book of Proverbs is that if one lives a God-fearing life and strives to be wise, he/she will likely lead a good and peaceful life. Failing to do so will put him/her in peril, leading to a poor quality of life.
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