The Mustard Seed
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This is Tillie Faulkner’s story. The story of her life as she saw it through her own eyes and of NATHAN STEIN’S story as he saw Tillie because he was madly in love with her. It is also the story of RAMAZAN SONMEZ who lusted after Tillie but was incapable of loving ... and concludes with the story of Mother Turkey, who hated everyone and who was the mother of Ramazan and Erdogan. Erdogan was unable to tell his story ... Erdogan couldn’t speak, but nothing I have written here could have been possible without him Tillie Faulkner was a very resolute, self-willed, determined young woman who knew exactly what she wanted out of life ... or so she thought, until Erdogan Sonmez came into it and life was never to the same for her after that. Tillie had been the victim of an incestuous relationship when she was a small child and although ‘love’ was not a word in her dictionary, she was soon to find out that love was indeed becoming a fact in her life that she could not deny. She fought against it as a folly for as long as she could and refused to marry Nathan Stein, a fellow university student who was deeply in love with her.
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