Welcome to Nature Sounds - Volume 1

These Sounds will help you become more relaxed and conscious.
They are an easy way to create frequent moments of calm, and peace.

You can use these Nature Sounds:

- As a Background, while working for example.
They will help you achieve more concentration, become more creative and intuitive.

- You can also use these Sounds in moments of relaxation, and meditation.
They can help you reduce anxiety and stress, and to know yourself more deeply.

In Nature Sounds Volume I 

You get a set of 8 Nature Sounds tracks, 1 hour and 20 minutes of nature sounds for relaxation in total.
It includes 4 variations of sounds of nature: Calm River, River, Heavy Rain, Sea.

These sounds come organized in several lengths, in Small and Medium (5 and 15 minutes versions), so that you can easily adapt the use of the relaxing nature sounds to create frequent moments of pause in your daily life.

This way the small breaks of 5 or 15 minutes you already have during the day can now, with these nature sounds for relaxation, easily turn into moments of relaxation and meditation. 

Note that if you already regularly use nature sounds or meditation music for relaxation and prefer longer versions, we will publish a Volume II with longer versions of these sounds of nature.

Can you imagine the huge impact this change - daily regular moments of true pause - can have in your life? 
Just practice regularly for one week and you will be amazed by the results!

Practicing these moments of pause and calm with Sounds of Nature, you can:  Achieve stress and anxiety reduction Increase focus and attention More physical relaxation Better connection to your inner self and to others Acceptance of the world around you  Better emotional integration and more balance in your life
Nature Sounds can also be used as a great mediation resource: In the mornings For motivation moments  While doing breathing exercises Or at bedtime, you can use nature sounds for sleeping preparation and achieve better sleep patterns
Nature Sounds was made for beginners and for those who already practice meditation regularly, all can use enjoy and benefit from this nature soothing sounds.

Use Nature Sounds to reduce anxiety and stress, to know yourself more deeply, to achieve a more joyful life.

Remember: you can always find peace and joy, just look inside yourself.
Hear the Sounds of Nature, and listen to yourself.
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