The Spider #10 The Corpse Cargo
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She called herself Captain Kidd. As a buccaneer, she put the bloody rogues of the Spanish Main to shame. Merchant ships did not interest her. She and her Pirates went after passenger trains and skyscrapers with a devilish new weapon called the Green Fire. When a looted train filled with electrified corpses crashes into Grand Central Station, Richard Wentworth again dons the dark garments of the Spider—Master of Men! His mission: to track down this distaff demon and bring an end to her vicious reign of citizen slaughter. But—is this one time that the Spider faces a foe more fearsome than he? Can even one man—no matter how superhuman— defeat a force of nature in female form? The Spider versus Captain Kidd. One will live. And one must die…. Adapted from the July, 1934 issue of The Spider magazine.
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