The Spider #35 Satan's Sightless Legion
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Beautiful girls, in the first bloom of youth, suddenly struck blind, their once sparkling eyes turned to glassy gray marbles. Strong men groping, sightless and helpless, in terrifying darkness. The Blind Man, he called himself, and it mattered little to him how many people he blinded in his mad lust for wealth and power. Just as a cobra sprays blinding venom into the eyes of its victims, so the Blind Man paralyzed the eyes of all who stood in his way. Even Richard Wentworth, the avenging Spider, the only man who dared challenge him, was not immune. And it seemed as though the Spider, who had marked countless underworld rats for death, had at last met with a force which he could not cope. Satan’s Sightless Legion is torn from the pages of the August, 1936 issue of The Spider magazine.
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