The Spider #36 The Coming of the Terror
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America had never before known two such men as those who were pitted against each other: Richard Wentworth, the Spider, the avenger — and Tang-akhmut, the sinister Egyptian, the destroyer. Never before had America witnessed such Titanic Struggle. The man who came out of the East set out deliberately to rule this country — or ruin it — by debauching the women, by promising the men a carnival of looting and rapine and crime. Richard Wentworth knew that he alone could cope with this all-powerful Oriental criminal — yet Richard Wentworth had been swiftly stripped of his armor and his weapons, his wealth and his friends. An unarmed man attacking a Juggernaut, the Spider plunges into this epic battle! The Coming of the Terror is torn from the pages of the September, 1936 issue of The Spider magazine.
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