The Spider #43 Scourge of the Yellow Fangs
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War gongs clanged in Chinatown — but it was no tong war that tore the great Societies with fear and suspicion and deadly hate. For deeper in evil mystery than their own dark secrets lay the hidden temple of crime that loosed the Scourge of the Fangs — the menace that erupted in the men’s haunts and overflowed into white men’s lives and threatened white men’s rule. Victims lived long enough to curse the unknown Man From Singapore — who knew the Spider and planned his quick removal from the finish fight... While in a tenuous truce with baffled police, Richard Wentworth, by night the Spider, accepted the top-heavy odds — and gave grim battle! Scourge of the Fangs is torn from the pages of the April, 1937 issue of The Spider magazine.
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