The Spider #5 Empire of Doom
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In Michigan, a new menace arises to threaten the nation. The Green Hand, unknown and unstoppable. For he wields the horrific Green Gas, which strips the flesh off the raw bones of any mortal it touches! But Richard Wentworth, alias the Spider, is no ordinary mortal. Pledged to protect humanity from the most dire threats, he is determined to vanquish the Green Hand and his hideous gas. Yet when brilliant industrialist Jonathan Love devises a successful defense, and Wentworth is jailed for the Spider’s crimes, it looks like the end of the Master of Men. After a grateful American people rise up to proclaim Jonathan Love dictator of the U.S.A., Wentworth knows that the Spider must break free to stalk again…. Ripped from the pages of the February, 1934 issue of The Spider magazine.
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