The Spider #51 Satan's Switchboard
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Stillness like that of the cold tombs had descended upon America’s greatest city, and in that cheerless, ringing void, no man dared raise his voice above a whisper. For the Silencer was at work, his giant ear strained to catch the innermost secrets of every citizen, turning upon them a blackmail scourge such as the world had never seen, as he drove those helpless multitudes to wholesale suicide! Never before had Richard Wentworth been called upon to battle a crime-emperor so powerful. As he donned the Spider’s eerie armor, to take up the Silencer’s trail of faceless corpses — it meant war to the death with a monster whose reign extended clear into the sky, itself, and whose victims died whispering, in hell! Satan’s Switchboard is torn from the pages of the December, 1937 issue of The Spider magazine.
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