The Spider #57 Satan's Shackles
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Never again would the Spider wage battle against crime — this Richard Wentworth had sworn to himself as he found sanctuary in a quiet rural retreat to nurse back to health the woman he loved. Yet, into that peaceful spot swept a whirlwind of horrible butchery like none he had ever seen — New York’s sewers pouring out the Underworld’s rabid hordes to engulf the countryside in a tidal wave of racketeer ruin! Whole towns were given their choice of paying blood money to a legion of maddened looters or being wiped out, and it was then that Richard Wentworth knew the Spider must rise again — to rid America of a criminal menace that struck at the very core of its existence, and overthrow an evil empire that men and women and children might still walk free and unafraid! Satan’s Shackles is torn from the pages of the June, 1938 issue of The Spider magazine.
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