The Spider #58 The Emperor from Hell
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“Your souls are mine — when I speak, you will obey!” From the bowels of the shaking earth itself rose the satanic ultimatum that threatened to send America’s greatest city up in flames! For the hordes of Hades, ruled by a devilish dictator, had turned New York into an Underground Kingdom of Crime, and helpess thousands died, strangling, when Hell’s emperor loosed his slaying devil-dust! Reeking of sulphur and brimstone, it floated over Manhattan, leaving death in its wake. Only one man — Richard Wentworth, as the Spider — could hope to battle this Mephistopheles of Murder — who had blasted a city and whose satanic laughter was the signal that loosed the kill-maddened Legions of Lucifer! The Emperor from Hell is torn from the pages of the July, 1938 issue of The Spider magazine.
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