The Spider #6 Citadel of Hell
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Richard Wentworth, alias the Spider, had never before faced foes as vicious as the Food Destroyers. Extortionists, arsonists, and terrorists—they were determined to make the greatest city in the world bow down to their evil lordship. No crime was too craven for them. Murder. Blackmail. Even starvation. For their wicked scheme meant denying New York’s teeming millions, already at the brink of collapse thanks to the Great Depression, any crumb of edible food. As fire and famine engulf Manhattan, turning it into an island Citadel of Hell, the Master of Men takes up a fearsome new disguise to combat fiends who are without mercy­—and who would receive none once the searing automatics of the Spider began blazing! Ripped from the March, 1934 issue of The Spider magazine.
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