The Spider #62 Scourge of the Black Legions
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With his last camp of honest fighting men scattered by the Black Police, and the Underworld’s Master in supreme control of the state — Richard Wentworth had reached trail’s end! For nowhere was their succor for the thousands of oppressed, and even a duped federal Government was arrayed against them. Yet it was now that Wentworth knew, alone and unaided, he must strike one final desperate blow. As the Spider, in the dread disguise of his crime-fighting role, he took his stand. There, facing the legions of the world’s mightiest mass-murderer, the Spider struck again and again — to raise the Empire State from the dust and free an entire, despairing people from the scourge of living death! Scourge of the Black Legions is torn from the pages of the November, 1938 issue of The Spider magazine.
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