The Spider #64 Claws of the Golden Dragon
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From out of the mystic East comes a new foe for the Spider—and a vicious new threat! When tropical orchids begin taking root in living people, their insidious tendrils penetrating helpless bodies, strangling vital organs, Richard Wentworth knows that a hideous new menace has manifested in civilization. For the Golden Dragon has descended upon New York. The Golden Dragon, whose deadly Blood Orchids feed off living flesh, and whose goal is unknown. The Golden Dragon, Asia’s most malevolent monster. Entering the fray, the Spider strikes back with all his righteous fury. But when Blood Orchids bloom in the chests of Wentworth and Nita van Sloan, all appears lost.... Is this the end of the Master of Men? Adapted from the January, 1939 issue of The Spider magazine.
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