The Spider #67 Blight of the Blazing Eye
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Strange, flaming death had come to New York where screaming mortals died, burned to a charred crisp! Everywhere ran the terrified rumor that an exploring party, returned from Asia, had brought with them a stolen Hindu treasure and the curse of Genghis Khan. It was from this horror that there was born, in Chinatown, a sinister Brotherhood of Murder — composed of all the Eastern races and sworn to found an evil empire. Before such a tidal wave of terror and plundering, the metropolitan police were powerless. Only Richard Wentworth, as the Spider, dared challenge the rule of this new and fearful crime-master who had blanketed Manhattan in the human ashes of his helpless victims! Blight of the Blazing Eye is torn from the pages of the April, 1939 issue of The Spider magazine.
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