The Spider #7 The Serpent of Destruction
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When the narcotics-peddling Bloody Serpent and his army of pushers kidnap Nita van Sloan, Richard Wentworth goes on the warpath—as the Spider! Knowing that Nita’s cruel captors intend to transform her into a debased drug addict, the Master of Men assembles a collection of fearsome weapons and equipment, then charges into the Underworld’s secret crime nests to inflict terror on all criminals. Will Wentworth’s need to save his beloved force him to knuckle under the Bloody Serpent’s demand to be left in peace to purvey his wicked trade—or will the Spider slay every crook in sight, hoping to destroy his masked foe? The Serpent of Destruction is torn from the pages of the April, 1934 issue of The Spider magazine.
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