The Spider #8 The Mad Horde
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Never before in history had anything quite so horrible as The Mad Horde been loosed upon a terrified humanity! In rural towns and through the thronging streets of great cities the death-bringers stalked, spreading the slow madness of which they themselves must soon die! The Spider, dismayed and horrified as never before in his long career, is forced at last into risking the life of the girl he loves­—so that a million others may live! Millionaire criminologist Richard Wentworth faces his most horrific challenge yet. Packs of rabid wild dogs have been unleashed on towns and cities across America! But why? As the carnage escalates, the Master of Men blasts his way through the hydrophobic hordes from hell on the trail of the unknown czar of crazed canines. Torn from the pages of The Spider magazine, May, 1934.
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