The Spider #84 Master of the Night-Demons
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Just as Adolph Hitler brutally slaughtered his opponents, so did Asmodeus, Master of the Night-Demons, crush New York’s police force and lay down his hideous ultimatum to the city: “Surrender... or die!” Could one man — Richard Wentworth — with only his pitifully few loyal allies, and the Spider’s sinister garb, stem this monstrous Blitzkrieg of crime! How can millionaire criminologist Richard Wentworth, secretly the Spider, battle such an appalling menace and survive to tell the tale? Harried on all sides, the target of Underworld assassins and police arrest warrants alike, the Spider gives no quarter as he races to bring another vicious supercriminal to justice. Master of the Night-Demons is torn from the pages of the September, 1940 issue of The Spider magazine.
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