The Spider #9 Satan's Death Blast
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One moment Senator Calles Beach was a normal, healthy human being, fighting valiantly against a certain land-steal bill which was pending in the New York State Senate. The next he had ceased to exist, his body literally disintegrated by an unseen force! Soon whole groups of people, entire sections, were to be eliminated as he had been. Can the Spider, himself dodging the death blasts, prevail against a power which seems beyond the ken of man? Richard Wentworth, alias the Spider, has battled many a fearsome foe. But never before has he gone toe-to-toe with the the Infernal One himself. The diabolical fiend who calls himself the Devil may not be the legendary Lord of Evil, but the weird way he snuffs out mortal souls is positively Luciferian. Go with the Master of Men as he braves the unholy terror of Satan’s Death Blasts! Ripped from the June, 1934 issue of The Spider magazine.
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