Summer When She Smiles
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Book four in the Rent-a-Perfect-Gentleman series

Summer loving, all year long.

On the surface, The Playboy of the Western World isn’t just a production Piers Neale had great success in—it’s the way he lives his life. But he’s not so much love ’em and leave ’em as it’s women loving his so-called ‘glamorous’ lifestyle…and leaving the ordinary, real man underneath. World-weary Piers never expected to fall for any woman, yet a closed-off accountant auditioning for the summer production entranced him at first sight.

Except…Cara wasn’t exactly there about a role in the play. She’s the external auditor appointed by the borough council to evaluate its assets, especially the non-performing kind—one of which is the theatre. The handsome, charismatic Piers simply swept her off her feet. The vulnerability beneath his façade calls to Cara, just as he brings out the long-buried woman in her. But can a true relationship bloom between a couple both wearing disguises? And what will happen when Piers and Cara shed their masks—if they can?

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