Who Was Emma Schaffi?
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MARK FORSYTH, a Probation Officer in the East End of London and JULIA ROGANO a young , but well experienced barrister, were married in the winter of 1992, only five and a half months after Mark's release from prison where he had been held on remand, charged with the abduction of a minor . . . a young boy, for the purpose of procuring him for immoral purposes. The boy, DAVID HOLT, had been unable to speak due to a nervous disorder caused by the traumatic upbringing of his ‘step-parent’ and her partner .EMMA SCHAFFI, (Who is she you may well ask . . .) and UNCLE JACK, (A relative of the boy who has turned his back on his aristocratic family and is living with Emma Schaffi.) Emma is of gypsy origin and owns several caravans which she uses to recruit and train children, mostly boys for child prostitution and where she administers hard drugs when the children become restless, in order to allow them to relax and perform more easily. The drug administration is particularly cruel in the writings and the suffering in this way, makes the ultimate rape seem mild in comparison. . .
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