7 best short stories by Mary Shelley
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Mary Shelley lived a literary life. Her father encouraged her to learn to write through letter writing, and her favorite occupation as a child was to write stories. In adulthood she surrounded herself with literary geniuses, one of whom was her husband, the poet Percy Shelley. Her talent blossomed into a fertile abyss, and Mary Shelley became an excellent novelist, essayist, and biographer, having become a great horror name for the mother of science fiction.Join us in these seven selected short stories dealing with the ”fragility of individual identity” and ”how the role of a person in the world can be cataclysmically altered by an internal emotional disorder or by some supernatural occurrence mirrors an inner schism ”The Invisible GirlThe Brother and Sister The DreamTransformationThe Mortal ImmortalThe MournerThe Swiss Peasant
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