Bobby's War
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An inspiring and uplifting tale of women on the home front. For fans of Annie Groves and Nancy Revell.
On the ground, the crowd of men stood with their mouths agape, watching the wings soar into the air, the tail kept impressively steady and the small plane with a woman at the controls disappearing into the May sunshine.
It's 1942 and World War Two is in full swing. Roberta 'Bobby' Hollis has joined the Air Transport Auxiliary in a team of pilots known as the 'glamour girls'. Just as capable as the men, these women ferry aircraft, parts and people between factories, assembly plants and airfields.
After a childhood being ignored on the family farm by a taciturn father and a traumatised mother, Bobby has always wanted an escape, and the ATA seems like the perfect opportunity to realise her dreams and help her country win the war.
But there's always something standing in her way. Her friend Harriet, who attracts chaos wherever she goes. A demanding father, who would like to marry her off to a rich farmer from the next county. And the family secrets that threaten to engulf everything. And all that's on top of the danger she's in every day as part of the ATA.
As Bobby navigates her way through life, and love, she has to learn that controlling a huge, four-engined bomber might just be easier than controlling her own life . . .
Praise for Lily's War:
'[The story] read so true to me and I really didn't want to put it down . . . It may be fiction but those things could, and did, happen.' Vera Morgan, wartime WAAF
'An impeccably researched and uplifting story of love, loss and courage: a heartwarming read that will captivate all those who love a good war story.' Clare Harvey, author of The Gunner Girl
'A wonderful, inspiring story. I can't wait to read more from Shirley Mann.' Sheila Newberry
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