The Cycling Quiz Book
Are you a fan of cycling? Do follow all the big races from the Tour de France to the Vuelta a Espana? Can you name the great riders and the events they have won? If you would like to know more about the world of professional cycling, this quiz book is for you. In the Tour de France what title is given to the rider who finishes last in the general classification? Since 2010, what colour jersey is worn by the leader in the Vuelta a Espana? What is the nickname of the Milan-San Remo race, reflecting its early position in the season’s calendar? The answers to these questions and many more on the history of cycling are all in this book. The 2012 summer Olympics in London helped to rekindle the world’s interest in cycling and the 250 questions in this book will quickly uncover how much you know about this fast-paced sport. With information on all the top riders, record holders, Paralympics, races and much more The Cycling Quiz Book is a must-have for all cycling fans.
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