The Dream Fight
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When sports journalist Denison Brown visits a hypnotherapist to help him quit smoking, he has no idea of the journey on which he is about to embark. Whilst his efforts to give up tobacco fail miserably, he does attempt to answer a long-debated sporting question, who is the greatest heavyweight boxer that ever lived? Along the way, Denison visualises fantasy fights between some of the most legendary names in boxing, past and present, with unexpected consequences. This book is about one man’s dream to discover the impossible and is, at times, both humorous and thought-provoking. Although primarily a novel, The Dream Fight is an interesting mix of fact and fiction and includes many true stories and boxing records. Join Denison as he ventures into the unknown to find the answer to some of the biggest questions asked by man; is there life after death and who is the greatest heavyweight boxing champion of all-time? This is a must-read novel for all whose who enjoy dark humour and anyone with a love of boxing.
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