A practical, helpful guide on how to fight back against Alzheimer’s disease—with expert medical advice and one woman’s inspiring personal journey.

Jamie Tyrone was forty-nine years old when she learned by accident through genetic testing that she had a 91% chance of getting Alzheimer's disease. She was shocked, but after an initial bout with depression she decided to take action rather than concede defeat.

Jamie teamed up with Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, a renowned neurologist, and together they created a resource detailing not just Jamie's experience, but expert medical advice for anyone facing the disease.

This book is a practical, helpful guide for those who know they’re at greater risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease. With cutting-edge medical guidance from Dr. Sabbagh about the true nature of Alzheimer’s, the risks involved, and daily steps you can take to protect yourself, Jamie’s story will encourage and empower you.

In Fighting for My Life, readers will:

Gain expert medical advice from Dr. Sabbagh on how to fight back against the diseaseDiscover the pros, cons and possible dangers of genetic testingWitness a first-hand account of how to deal with the shadow of Alzheimer’s disease through Jamie’s story

If Alzheimer’s has affected your life or the life of someone you know, this book is for you. You’ll be armed with information and ready to tackle Alzheimer’s head-on.

Visual reference material and additional resources available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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