Boekomslag van Gods and Demigods of Ancient Egypt

Gods and Demigods of Ancient Egypt

Beschrijving van het boek

Ancient Egypt has left tangible and incisive signs of its religion through monuments and writings. Temples abound with bas-relief and all-round images, painted in bright colors, complete with captions and inscriptions. The royal and noble tombs are no less and they are the ones that have handed down to us figures and texts of great craftsmanship finesse. Funerary and magical writings are unique examples of miniaturistic graphics of divine entities and descriptions of the afterlife. From the observation of these testimonies, an infinite number of divinities emerge, principal, secondary, demons and demigods. This crowd of anthropomorphic entities, but often zoomorphic or a mixture of various human and animal parts, left the first Egyptologists disoriented, giving rise to a conglomeration of hypotheses, sometimes distorted interpretations, and literary duels of various kinds.

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